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Slot car racing

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slot car racing

slot car racing

A slot car

Slot car racing became popular in the ‘60s, and is now making a comeback as establishments such as TEANECK SPEEDWAY provide excellent facilities to drive its growth.

People of all ages can once again experience this hobby-sport which has been bridging generations dazzled by the rush of excitement and competitive thrill that it brings.

  • 7 tracks to satisfy your taste for speed

  • Card readers have been installed on all tracks. Slide your card, hit a button, and get 15 minutes on your lane.

  • Try the Bike Track — the more you pedal, the faster the car goes! Get a kick competing with friends or members of your family!


Think of the Slot Car Superstar Racing League at the Teaneck Speedway much like a gym membership; once you are enrolled, you can come in anytime that the League is open to enjoy the facility!

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  • Build and race your own slot car

  • Daily track practice and races

  • Weekly team meetings and slot car tuning sessions

  • Weekly league competitions

  • Quarterly League Championship racing finals

Come down and watch a race and see if it’s for you!

Slotcar Superstar Racing League

Slot cars racing
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